Hip Seat

Designed for families with infants and toddlers, this baby hip seat with EPP foam offers a convenient and comfortable way to carry your child without having to travel with a stroller, which can be a hassle to transport and store on the go. These baby carriers are part of our Mama Homme brand and can carry loads up to 20Kg, which is suitable for most children 3 months to 36 months. The apparatus has multiple functions with its face-to-face hold, transverse hold and side hold. These different options offer greater comfort choices depending on the holder and the child. People love our baby hip seats because of their safety, comfort and stylish appearance.

Doctors recommend it as a good method to promote normal growth for the baby’s hips.
Some child carriers without ergonomic designs can be more than just uncomfortable for the baby. In fact, improper positioning of the child can lead to physical development issues for the baby’s bone and joints. Our product offers a natural and safe position for the baby to be carried in total comfort.

EPP baby seat core, environmental, solid and durable, 100% non-toxic
The ultralight and hollow PE material is specially selected because of its memory capability and comfort. The foam seat core is the optimal support pad for both carrier and carried.

Organic cotton, more skin-friendly
We use organic cotton for the straps and structure of the carrier as it is soft and safe for the skin, particularly the sensitive skin of your baby.

Enlarged fastener, more security
During the design process, we wanted a fastener that was solid and safe but also easy to unclasp when ready. Our DPOM fasteners are high quality and are deform resistant.

Widen breathable belt, labor-saving and comfortable
The wide breathable belt of the hip seat not only efficiently disperses the pressure applied when carrying the child, but also takes some of the load off of the waist for a more relaxed fit.

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