Thermo boxes
Thermo boxes made using EPP foam are becoming more popular because of the inexpensive nature of the material and its thermal insulation properties. We have exactly what you are looking for when it comes to thermos box products.

Child safety products
Our line of child safety products includes car seats and baby hip seats. Our EPP liners for these products are soft, comfortable and most importantly, safe. The car seats safely secure children in the car to prevent any injury caused by regular safety restraints.

Designed for families with infants and toddlers, our baby hip seat is lined with EPP foam and allows parents to comfortably hold their child. This is great for walking in public with your child, giving you freedom for your hands and allowing you to bond with your child.

These EPP helmets are lightweight and highly protective pieces of safety equipment that are comfortable and look great.

EPP/EPS pallets
EPP pallets are durable, can handle large loads and are moderately-priced. These pallets are a suitable replacement for traditional wooden pallets.

EPP box for electronics packaging
Packaging is vital for any product, especially electronic items. The EPP packaging box is an environmentally friendly packaging option that will protect the goods within.

EPP tool box, automotive parts and car bumper
EPP materials are commonly used in the auto industry. Car bumpers with EPP lining are quite popular, acting as a cushion in the event of accidental collision. As for other EPP auto parts and EPP tool boxes, they are also becoming mainstream in the auto industry because of the characteristics of EPP materials, such as good plasticity, high stability, light-weight, and sound-absorption.

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