Production Strength

Our company employs 70 skilled workers including 3 R&D staff members, 2 technical teams, and 2 after-sales service staffs. We operate 4 factories, 3 in Kunshan of which 2 are major EPP/EPS molding facilities and the other is a large producer of protective sports equipment, like helmets. Another factory is being constructed in Wuhan.

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EPP Molding Machine

EPP Materials
The EPP materials are loaded into the molding machine, and then the pressure tank will suction and pressurize those materials.

Alessio Foaming Machine
The output of the EPP foam machine reaches 8 tons per day, with homogeneous density and well-proportioned particle diameters, laying a good foundation for later forming.

Pressure Tank
The pressure tank pre-presses EPP materials for 10 hours, then passes them to the shaping machine.

Molding Machine
Pour the EPP materials that were previously in the pressure tank and storage vat into the mold and create energy in the mould through vapor, producing the product in one operation.

Quality Testing
All the LCD packaging boxes need to be tested one last time before shipment.

Various packaging styles and enough storing room.

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